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Friday, December 9, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

UAV Autopilot Plane

In this section i got terrible,i'm using Cesna trainer to bring my system, my system is too heavy for this plane.i have to make more little circuit for my system..but i will try to flight "Joystick Mode" first.because i want know is my system with this circuit work?

My Next Plan is using Delta Wing, my senior in Unila Robotika And Otomasi (URO) ever tried with this way.and the result his plane can flight bring Audio Video Sender. So i have to try it..

Friday, November 18, 2011

Contact Person

If You Wist To know More About My Project You Can Contact Me

cc : swadexi@yahoo.co.id

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Transmision System

In my UAV autopilot. i'm using productmanual_xtend_oem_rfmodule.pdf

This transmission system can work with half duplex, as well as a channel. so between a transmitter with other transmitters will not interfere with each other if it has a different channel.
This transmission system can work with full duplex and half duplex, as well as a channel. so between a transmitter with other transmitters will not interfere with each other if it has a different channel.

Complete specifications can be seen in the following pages
Product Manual Xtend Oem Rfmodule


Ground station serves to display the data behavior of a vehicle when flying in visual graphic form.
The following is a graphical display of system ground station that I created for my final project this

from above picture, you can see the map and the raddar for plane altitude when flying.this ground segment have many menu , for example map picker, it is for geting map from google map. the way is using google map javascript code and you will be able to download map.and servo signal viewer is also available in this ground station/

Global Positioning System ( GPS ) for UAV Autopilot

At the end of my project, I use a GPS with a brand Leadtek LR9805, with the following specifications

  1. SiRF chipset single StarII
  2. Compact module size for easy
  3. integration: 24 x 20 x 2.9 mm
  4. Multiple I / O pins reserved for
  5. customizing special user applications
  6. RoHS compliance

Features :

Hardware and Software

  1.    Based on the high performance features of the SiRFstarII single chipset
  2.    Compact module size for easy integration: 24x20x2.9 mm (0.94x0.79x0.11 in)
  3.    Fully automatic assembly: solder reflow assembly ready
  4.    Hardware compatible with software SiRFXTrac
  5.    Multiple I / O pins reserved for customizing special user applications
  6.    RoHS compliance
  1.    Cold / Warm / Hot Start Time: 45/38/4 sec at open sky and stationary environments
  2.    Reacquisition Time: 0.1 second
  3.    RF Metal Shield for best performance in noisy environments
  4.    Multi-path Mitigation Hardware


  1.    TTL level serial port for GPS communications interface
  2.    Protocol: NMEA-0183 / SiRF Binary (default NMEA)
  3.    Baud Rate: 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 or 57600 bps (default 4800)
  1.    Ideal for high volume mass production (Taping reel package)
  2.    Cost saving through elimination of RF and board to board digital connectors
  3.    Flexible and cost effective hardware design for different application needs
  4.    Secure SMD PCB mounting method
  1. 10 meters, 2D RMS
  2. 5 meters 2D RMS, WAAS corrected
  3. Position
  4. <5meters(50%), DGPS corrected
  5. Velocity 0.1 meters/second
  6. Accuracy
  7. Time 1 microsecond synchronized to GPS time 
General Spec
  1. Frequency  L1, 1575.42 MHz
  2. C/A code  1.023 MHz chip rate 
  3. Channels  12
  4. Update Rate : 1 Hz
but keep in mind is that the gps data update frequency of 1 Hz or 1 packet of data in 1 second, and baudrate 4800 bit / s. with updates like this could have the plane on autopilot, but I still do not dare to fly fast, there are concerns with the speed of the plane will crash.
but it seems this is not a big problem, because based on the references of some projects to others, they use the GPS 1 Hz and are still able to fly,

GPS Accuracy for this brand is 10m, but when I try and I got a very amazing accuracy, I was in position A without moving (stationary), but the device that I have though with the appearance of ground segment, I get the inaccuracies of more than 30 meters . did I test with a little cloudy conditions, and also I try to light conditions (excessive heat during the day) but the results are not much different.
I think this system should be made formula like PID to overcome this error. for the results of its testing I will soon upload a video.


I created this blog to record things related to my final project that is about UAV autopilot. I make my final project for the benefit of the UAV at the University of Lampung Unila incorporated in robotics and automation.

I hope with this blog what I face every working on my final project this can always be stored and can be a reference for everything including my friends at the University of Lampung UAVs.

Precisely this blog like a diary.