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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Build Quadcopter For UAV dxAutopilot

Currently being festive air in the form quadcopter robots. I greatly admire robots since childhood and was always curious about the robot. when I know my friends from university my country. then I was moved to make quadcopter.

This I do not Alone, I still helped by my friend Hadi Prayoga (Songky) to build the framework of this quadcopter. we are build Quadcopter used allumunium and use AXI motor with 60A ESC

While this framework is already in 75% Done. we are waiting Quadcopter Control Board that I bought at a price of $ 14.99 Hobbyking.com.

Perhaps this QKB Another week is coming, I can not wait to Fly with this Quadcopter. while waiting, we were trained to fly
quadcopter using a simulator of AerosimRC .

The plan, if this quadcopter successfully flown, I'll switch to quadcopter as a vehicle For fly dxAutopilot.

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