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Saturday, January 21, 2012

UAV Ground Control Station Visual Studio 2010

Now I plan to make a ground control station that was built from Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, I am using c # language. net, it's very different from VB6. While this is my process for making GCS was up 60%. 

Microsoft Visual Studio is a complete software (suite) that can be used to perform application development, be it business applications, personal application, or application components, in the form of console applications, Windows applications, or Web applications. Visual Studio includes a compiler, SDK, Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and documentation (generally in the form of the MSDN Library). The compilers are included in the package include Visual Studio Visual C + +, Visual C #, Visual Basic, Visual Basic. NET, Visual InterDev, Visual J + +, Visual J #, Visual FoxPro, and Visual SourceSafe. 

Microsoft Visual Studio can be used to develop applications in native code (in the form of machine language that runs on Windows) or managed code (Microsoft Intermediate Language in the form above. NET Framework). In addition, Visual Studio can also be used to develop Silverlight applications, Windows Mobile application (which runs on top. NET Compact Framework).Visual Studio has now stepped version of Visual Studio 9.0.21022.08, otherwise known as the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, which was launched on 19 November 2007, addressed to the Microsoft platform. NET Framework 3.5. The previous version, Visual Studio 2005 is intended for the platform. NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0. Visual Studio 2003 is intended for. NET Framework 1.1 and Visual Studio 2002 is intended for. NET Framework 1.0. Versions mentioned above are now known as Visual Studio. NET, because it does require Microsoft.. NET Framework In the meantime, before it appears Visual Studio. NET, there is a Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 (VS1998). (Ref: Wikipedia) 

I have the ease of using this language even new knowledge about the serial interface in Visual communication is. so I'm sure my program is more powerful than VB6.Why do I use C #. Net (csharp) and not Vb.net?At first I use vb.net, but because I am still just learning (beginer) in VS2010, and at that point I did not get the look of monitoring vehicle behavior such as horizon sensors and others shown in the visual display, and I get the instrument control of Avionics built in C #. since then I use this programming language.

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