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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DxAutopilot Ground Control Station

Now. I've Finished My Ground Control Station, I Give it name dXGCS.. with Features

1. Flashing to dxAutopilot's Board.
2. 3D UAV View using Google Earth Plugin
3. Record and Play Flight Data
4. USB Joystick Control , to control UAV
5. Wireless Camera ( FPV Wanna be :D )
6. Map Downloader ( So You can Using Map Offline )
7. Instrument View : AH, Satelite, Altimeter, Heading, Speed, Baterai Indikator, Servo Signal Viewer.

System Requirements :

1. Windows .OS ( Xp, Vista, 7)
2. Net Framework 4.0
3. Google Earth Active Plugin

I build this GCS using C# . net Programing. And It will Continue to developed.