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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Abstract Of My Journal


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) Technology is currently growing leaps and bounds. As the benefits are more widely used by community, the unmanned aerial vehicle control system was further enhanced by various types of control, either manual or automatic or user-controlled.

The system consists of hardware and software. Hardware consists of devices for the data transmission and a joystick control device located at the Ground station, other than at the earth station there is other hardware that brought a vehicle called the controller. while the software consists of a vehicle tracking system that gets data from the controller, and processing data from the joystick to be transmitted to the controller. This software has a complete instrumentation system on the aircraft state information.

It has been observed on the controller and the Ground Control Station. Based on the results of the testing and implementation of the software, a vehicle is controlled by the manual pilot system using Joystick. As for the Autopilot system is not perfect in the algorithm toward the waypoint and stabilization system.While the tracking system is equipped with avionics instrumentation on the Ground Control Station can already be used well.

Keywords: vehicle, UAV, Ground Control Station, controllers, sensors, joysticks Pilot, avionics instrumentation, UAV autopilot,UAV manual pilot.


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