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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fuzzy Logic Mamdani Rule Matlab Simulink

Fuzzy Logic is one control method that is widely used by students in completing tasks easily implement it in the end because of a Plant . : D

Fuzzy Logic is an increase of Boolean logic dealing with the concept of partial truth . When classical logic to claim that everything can be expressed in binary terms ( 0 or 1 , black or white , yes or no ) , fuzzy logic replaces Boolean truth with a level of truth . ( Wikipedia ) .

Fuzzy Logic has several stages:
1. Normalization with Delta Gain Error and error
2. fuzzification
3. Fuzzy Inference
4. Defuzifikasi
5. Gain control u

1. Gain Error and Delta Error

Gain error is the gain for error where error = ref - aktual_output
while the gain for the gain changes delta_error error de = e ( k ) - e ( k - 1 )

2. fuzzification
is the process of changing the delta error value and error into crisp value mf , there are several types of fuzzification are:
 - Triangle
 - Gaussian
 - Generalized Bell
 - Sigmoid
 - Z

3. Fuzzy Inference
 Fuzzy inference is a process of formulating the mapping inputs to outputs using fuzzy logic and the rules of If Then. In this task used the rule that one is rulenya

4. defuzzification
It is the process of turning into a crisp control signal values ​​that can be used to control the plant .

5. Gain control u
this is optional , if needed then use this to multiply the output defuzifikasi to fit the plant work .


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