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Thursday, April 16, 2015

How Quadrotor Fly ?

UAV is one of the technologies that are currently being favored by many engineering students and researchers , even annually existing UAV competition from the high school level , up to the professional category .

Well one type of UAV is quadcopter , quadcopter has 4 motors actuators , where these four separately controlled by the main controller , usually with atmega microcontroller or are now widely using ready-made modules like ardupilot and multiwii . Well the quadcopter is moving with the motor , where the two motors have different rotational direction with two other motors . the question is how quadcopter flying vertically , laterally and remain in place ? The following animation might explain your question

The next one (bellow) shows how the quadrotor would increase altitude.

Here's how the quadrotor would move along the horizon plane

Finally, this animation shows how the quadrotor would rotate around it's main vertical axes (yaw)


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