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Saturday, October 14, 2017

[Solved ] Android Studio Stuck at Building 'xyz' Gradle Project Info

I Just Installed Android Studio 2.2.3 on My Windows7 Notebook, when i tried to create new project, then the following dialog is showing in unkown estimated time.

To Solve this issue try the following method :
  1. Close  The Android Studio Application.if you can not do this, you should use task manager to force close the android studio
  2. Goto C:\Users\username\.gradle folder
  3. There is a folder there that show you which version of gradle Android Studio requires (e.g. gradle-2.10-bin)
  4. Download this version from this link  or Link2 and download the complete version ( gradle-all)
  5. Goto C:\Users\username\.gradle\wrapper\dists\gradle-x.y-bin
  6. There is a folder here that its name is like a GUID.
  7. You should just copy the zip file that you've already downloaded from internet into this folder.
  8. Execute Android Studio and create a new project.


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