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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

[SOLVED] How to move Application Folder to the Basepath (root) in Codeigniter

Codeigniter Application folder is where our job begin, the default structure of codeigniter is


now you want to move your application content to the site, you can use the following way

in index.php :

on line 117 change value to empty then

$application_folder = '';

and in line 239 change from

if (is_dir($application_folder))


if ($application_folder=='')


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

How to Start Learn PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

PLC is a device that is used in most industries in the world to control of system in industry. For electrical engineering that focus on control system PLC is a device that has to be learned. Then how to start to learn PLC? if you have device, you can start by programming the device. but what if you didnt have the PLC? you can start by simulation. 

PLC Fx Trainer

What is the best simulator that can be used? there are many PLC Simulators that can be used, and also there is Online PLC simulator. but i recommended to use Mitsubishi PLC Fx-Trainner, this software has great simulation tools and 3D simulation of industry devices. You can download PLC Fx Trainer by searching on google and start the learning

Solve Mathematical Problem Using Web App

Have you ever found a math problem that is need to be solved quickly? sometime, we need to know how math problems is solved for example when you in college or in school, but in another case, you only need to know the answer quickly without knowing how it done. There is some tools which can help you to solve math quickly. 

1. Matlab
Matlab is premium software that that have a great ability in Math problem, for example in Control system simulation, matrix , laplace, fourier, bode plot and etc. this application is available in Windows, Linux and Mac OS. 

2. Wolfram Alpha - Link
This is the recommended for you who need quickly solution of math problem, because wolfram alpha is web based app that free to use. you can get the Math Solution such as :
a. Laplace
b. Integral
c. Elementary Math 
d. Plotting Graph
e. Trigonometri
f. and so much more 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

How to Delete your gitHub Repositories

If you have github account and trying to delete your gitHub repositories you can use the following way:

1. Login to your github Account
2. Go to your repositories that you want to deleted, for example
3. Go to setting Menu
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page (go to danger zone) and Delete this repository

5. type your repository name to confirm the delete action

How to add Images in Readme.md gitHub

I just already joined github and trying to share project on github. and in the github there is feature to explain our project by writing on readme.md, and maybe you would to place any picture on your tutorial. you can use the following script to do that

![alt text](http://url/to/img.png)
For example

![alt text](http://1.bp.blogspot.com//bottom.png)

Download Open Source Ground Control Station C#

Long Time not writing on this blog, now i'm focus on quadrotor control simulation using Matlab for My Master Thesis Project. in other time, i will explain how to simulate quadrotor on matlab.

In this chance i wanna share my Undergraduate Final Project, that is DXGCS ground control station. My First Ground Control Station (GCS) is built from C# Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. You Can use it for free but i hope. dont remove the Copyright of My Name : Swadexi istiqphara . And I Hope there is the Development of my GCS.
The Feature and system requirement to Run this GCS is explained on this LINK

OK this is My C# GCS, Download from github

[SOLVED] Codeigniter DB Error "The mysql extension is deprecated ..."

Codeigniter is popular PHP framework that helps you in php programming, if you using Apache server with PHP 5.5 above, you will see the following error when you using database mysql :
mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead
To solve this issue you have to add a line of the following script 
 error_reporting(error_reporting() & ~E_DEPRECATED);
to Codeigniter folder \system\database\drivers\mysql\mysql_driver.php

open mysql_driver.php and add the above script to line 134. So your edited mysql_driver.php become like this

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

[SOLVED] PHP Permutation of given words with all posibilities of combination

If you want to create a permutation with all posibilities of words in PHP, you can use the following script

    $data      = $_POST['data'];
    $arr = explode(' ',$data);
function permutasikan($items, $perms = array()) {
    if (empty($items)) {
        echo join(' ', $perms) . "\n";
    } else {
        for ($i = count($items) - 1; $i >= 0; --$i) {
             $newitems = $items;
             $newperms = $perms;
             list($foo) = array_splice($newitems, $i, 1);
             array_unshift($newperms, $foo);
             permutasikan($newitems, $newperms);