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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Solve Mathematical Problem Using Web App

Have you ever found a math problem that is need to be solved quickly? sometime, we need to know how math problems is solved for example when you in college or in school, but in another case, you only need to know the answer quickly without knowing how it done. There is some tools which can help you to solve math quickly. 

1. Matlab
Matlab is premium software that that have a great ability in Math problem, for example in Control system simulation, matrix , laplace, fourier, bode plot and etc. this application is available in Windows, Linux and Mac OS. 

2. Wolfram Alpha - Link
This is the recommended for you who need quickly solution of math problem, because wolfram alpha is web based app that free to use. you can get the Math Solution such as :
a. Laplace
b. Integral
c. Elementary Math 
d. Plotting Graph
e. Trigonometri
f. and so much more 


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